Christian Lehr spielt auf seiner Cuntz Gitarre

Christian Lehr

In 1989 the musical autodidact was born in Bad Kreuznach (Germany) - son of a wonderful mother from El Salvador and a loving father from Germany.

Guitar music from RLP Germany

Christian Lehr slapt auf seiner Cuntz Gitarre

Christian Lehr (*1989) shows the unexpected sounds and spheres that can be created with just one single acoustic guitar!

In his home town/country he was and still is known for playing the electric and double bass with bands like the Speedbottles/Weedbottles, Sad Polly and others.

The self-taught musician started his solo career as "percussive fingerstyle guitarist" thanks to the influence of guitar artists like John Butler, Andy McKee, Petteri Sariola and Mike Dawes.
He excusively plays his own songs on his acoustic guitar that was built especially for him by the master guitar maker Andreas Cuntz.
His songs are purely instrumental for the most part using sounds that are generated by the guitar and its body as well as some looper and special effects.

Christian Lehr spielt live auf dem Lott Festival

Music videos

To the songs of his debut album Bear there are many impressive videos to see. But above all, the live shows are a musical experience that should not be missed...

Christian Lehr spielt live bei Shorty in Bärenbach

Photos of live gigs 

As a solo act he has already played on many stages throughout Germany. The modern fingerstyle guitarist knows how to inspire purely instrumental. Sometimes melancholic spherical, sometimes percussive rocky...

Debüt Album Bear von Christian Lehr

Album Bear

With his debut album "Bear", Christian wanted to capture the formative feelings and impressions of his life so far -
This is exactly what comes out of his music and the descriptions of each song.