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Christian Lehr's Cuntz Signature Bear CWG23s Oveng HGM

Bear Signature Cuntz Guitar

This instrument, hand-built especially for Christian by master guitar luthier Andreas Cuntz, is an incomparable example of craftsman perfection - response, optimal balance, best playability, exact intonation and outstanding sound. More about the dream guitars and the pickups here.


Christian plays mainly "Elixir" Nanoweb Phosphor strings (13 - 56). But the album was recorded with "John Pearse" 600L Phosphor Bronze (12 - 53).

Christian Lehr CUNTZ CWG23s Oveng HGM BEAR Signature

Stereo Pedalboard  

Effect pedals from Strymon, JHS Pedals, Boss, Jim Dunlop MXR, TC Electronic
Mixer from Allen & Heath - Tech Video coming soon! 


PA from RCF

Christian Lehr RCF Boxen PA

Recording Gear

" Mics from RØDE
" Audio interface from Tascam
" Recording program from Steinberg
" Headphones from AKG
" monitor speakers by YAMAHA 

Christian Lehr Aufnahme Equipment Rode Mic und Cuntz Gitarre