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"Rhein/Nahe 27.03.24" writes about Christian Lehr

»At times it seemed as if his fingers were
his fingers hovering over the strings...
... It hammers,
booms, swings and bangs to finally flow together into a harmony
harmony that sets off
fireworks of emotions that leave you speechless. After all, this is the secret of music: without words
to say a lot. One could also be speechless: Lehr taught himself all these artistic skills without a teacher and still can't read music to this day.«


»Afterwards, the founder and owner of Cuntz Guitars, Andreas Cuntz, showed his master guitars, which he has been building since 1997. He was supported by guitarist Christian Lehr, who not only gave a 30-minute concert, but also demonstrated various songs with loops and effects as well as percussive elements in his workshop, alternating with purely acoustic and melodic songs - He showed the huge range of sounds that are possible with acoustic guitars.«

"Echo 25.04.23" writes about Lehr and his heroes 

»They swirl and tap on their instruments, hit body, strings and fingerboard in crazy tempi, play chords, melody, percussion and bass runs simultaneously like a band (...).
In his instrumental ballad "Butterfly" the youngster from Odernheim takes over self-recorded sequences, plays them on top of each other. To the ballad " If I ain't got you" sings buddy Fabian.«

Christian Lehr mit Andreas Cuntz auf dem Gitarrenzauber

Master guitar luthier Andreas Cuntz says about Christian Lehr

»Christian Lehr creates with his own style fullness of sound with a special atmosphere. His playing reveals the full dynamic range of a CUNTZ GUITAR.
THANKS to Christian, official CUNTZ GUITARS® Impression Videos have the fitting soundtrack!«

Christian Lehr Artikel in dem Magazin Akustik Gitarre

"Akustik Gitarre" issue 01/22 writes about Christian Lehr

»And with that, as heard on his album 'Bear,' Lehr achieves such an orchestral variety and density of sound that he sometimes deliberately steps back from his equipment live to show people: look, this is now really just a man with two hands, nothing sampled or looped from any tape or device. And indeed: Christian Lehr's acoustic guitar music impresses immensely even without a looper.«

Christian Lehr Artikel in dem Magazin Gitarre und Bass

"Gitarre und Bass" issue 10/21 writes about Christian Lehr

»The acoustic guitarist from Odernheim in RLP presents an exciting debut album with "Bear". At first, strongly echoed notes stand in space for a long time in "Mustang", finally Christian Lehr gallops forward with a mixture of fingerpicking and slapping (...) In this tradition, Christian Lehr has succeeded in creating a beautiful fingerstyle album that transports a lot of melancholy.«

Christian Lehr Artikel in der Rhein Zeitung

"Rhein/Nahe Zeitung" writes about Christian Lehr

»It didn't take much explanation from the composer, though, because he always managed to elicit his own diverse and fitting thoughts about the titles. Lehr used all the possibilities of a guitar to create fascinating sounds and brought more expressive songs to the audience that evening. At the end, the very likeable artist asked the audience to accompany him as a choir, which could then be heard quite loose in the auditorium at the end.«