Do you want a live music experience in a class of its own? Then you gotta book the Modern Percussive Fingerstyle Guitarist for your event now.

Upcoming concerts

18.03.23 - "Percussive Fingerstyle Workshop and Gear Talk" 

Musik Mohr GmbH

Gymnasialstr. 2

55543 Bad Kreuznach 

 21.03.23 - Music Store "Battle of the Bands" 

Jameson Pub

Friesenstraße 30
50670 Köln 

24.03.23 - Mix Night Kulturinitiative Odernheim e.V. 

1. Set Christian Lehr | SOLO Gitarre
2. Set DJulia Jung & Simon Höneß | DUO Vocals / Piano | Website

23.04.23 - Gitarrenzauber ^^ with 

Mike Dawes, Petteri Sariola, Martin Harley, Steph Macleod and Sophie Chassée!


68649 Groß-Rohrheim

 28./29.07.23 - AufAnfang Festival 

AufAnfang Festival Gelände

 55569 Auen

No matter if concert, festival or wedding...

Christian Lehr begeistert live die Zuschauer

The classic live concert - an unforgettable evening with Christian is guaranteed. Convince yourself of the incredible sound of each song.

Christian Lehr live auf dem Lott Festival

There is a simple truth: the atmosphere and dynamics of a festival is unmatched. The fingerstyle guitarist definitely enriches every open air with his varied program.

Thomas Jurgies und Christian Lehr spielen zusammen Gitarre auf einer Hochzeit

Christian also enjoys playing at weddings, birthdays, family celebrations etc. Whether as a solo act or together with friends, the perfect set for your intimate party is quickly put together.

Extract from past concerts

Rhein in Flammen

Live in Koblenz

Binger Open Air 

Live in Bingen


Live in Chemnitz 

Neuss Now Festival

Live in Neuss

Lott Festival

Live in Raversbeuren


Live in Oberhausen

Studio 30

Live in Saarbrücken

Gitarren Nacht 

Live in Idar-Oberstein

Stand for Ukraine 

Online Live Instagram Concert 

Rock im Daal Festival

Live in Idar-Oberstein