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Solo acoustic guitar instrumentals captured in sound and vision. Here you can find all videos - from live performances to official music videos on Christian's YouTube channel.

Adrian Gemmel macht den Video shoot des Songs Timeline von Christian Lehr

Modern Fingerstyle Videos


"Avallach" - originating from the Indo-Germanic word root "aballo" = apple + "Avalanche".
Both terms are linguistically not related, but to Christian a connection seemed nevertheless very suitable - especially because of the Celtic-sounding structure up to the "rolling over" end...

Kopfplatte von Cuntz Gitarre

Akai Ito

A song about an ancient East Asian legend. According to this, the gods tie an invisible red thread around the ankles of those who are destined to meet in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way....

Christian Lehr spielt live auf dem Lott Festival


With this song he wanted to create a very rhythmic piece of music, thinking of the time when he played bass in his old band. The name of the song came from the fact that one of his bandmates always had to think of a herd of galloping horses...

Christian Lehr spielt live auf der Gitarrennacht in Idar-Oberstein

Red Kite

The beautiful live video for this song, which is meant to capture the peace and freedom of a red kite, was recorded on 31.10.21 at the Guitar Night in Idar-Oberstein.
Towards the end, the audience even sings along to the gentle fade...