Christian Lehr spielt seine Cuntz Gitarre

Acoustic-Guitarist Christian Lehr

... is a fingerstyle live musician from RLP Germany who shows the unexpected sounds and spheres that can be created with just one single acoustic guitar.

News 2023!

Christian Lehr is performing on "Gitarrenzauber" 2023

One of the most renowned guitar events in Germany. Organized by master guitar builder Andreas Cuntz and the "Musikkiste Groß-Rohrheim e.V."! With great international and national artists - the personal idols of Christian.

Acoustic Guitar workshop

Presented by Christian Lehr and Musik Mohr

What to expect:

"Percussive Fingerstyle" What is this?
- Percussion on the guitar?! How does it work?
- Beginner examples in "standard" tuning.
"Modern Fingerstyle" What is this?
- Alternative tunings on the guitar, such as "DADGAD"
- Chords, harmonics and extravagant playing techniques like "Tapping" and "Slapping"
- The combination of everything - Now let's get creative!

"Gear Talk"
- What guitar, strings, and effects does Christian use?
- What is looping?
He'll demonstrate all of this with some of his solo guitar songs and answer your questions about it.

What you should bring:

- Basic guitar playing skills (At least two or three chords you should be able to play and change fluently).
- An acoustic guitar (steelstring)

About Christian Lehr and his Cuntz guitar...

Fingerstyle Gitarre spielen

Christian Lehr

Since 2017 Christian Lehr has been on the road with his Cuntz guitar at concerts, festivals and weddings. He always manages to completely amaze the audience with his characteristic sound...

Gitarrenkoffer einer Cuntz Gitarre

Fotos von Live-Auftritten

As a solo act he has already played on many stages throughout Germany. The modern fingerstyle guitarist knows how to inspire purely instrumental. Sometimes melancholic spherical, sometimes percussive rocky...

Gitarrenkopf einer Cuntz Gitarre


To the songs of his debut album Bear there are many impressive videos to see. But above all, the live shows are a musical experience that should not be missed...

Debüt Album Bear von Christian Lehr

Album Bear

With his debut album "Bear", Christian wanted to capture the formative feelings and impressions of his life so far -
This is exactly what emerges from his music and the descriptions of each song.

Christian Lehr bei Gitarrennacht 2021 in Idar-Oberstein

Live concerts

Do you want to see Christian live on stage or book him for a gig? Here you can find all tour dates and an excerpt from previous concerts.

Christian Lehr's Pedalboard mit vielen Effekten


Wondering how Christian creates his signature sound? Then you'll find everything here - from guitar to strings to effects.


"And with that, as heard on his album 'Bear,' Lehr achieves such an orchestral variety and density of sound that he sometimes deliberately steps back from his equipment live to show people: look, this is now really just a man with two hands, nothing sampled or looped from any tape or device. And indeed, Christian Lehr's acoustic guitar music is immensely impressive even without a looper."

 Acoustic Guitar( Germany), issue 1-22

Christian Lehr


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